Phyllis James – Spotlight Interview

Spotlight Interview with Phyllis James – Chief Diversity Officer of MGM Resorts
Being PASSIONATE is just 1 Success key.   Phyllis shares what will get you to the ultimate place you want in business or life.  

Kelly Fidel sits down with Phyllis James, Chief Diversity Officer of MGM Resorts.

Here is some of what happens:  Kelly gets Phyllis to share how MGM Resorts invests in women owned businesses as well as how to approach, set a meeting, and close a deal with a HUGE corporate client such as MGM Resorts.

In this week’s video, I’m going to share with you the amazing insights from my incredible friend and business growth expert – Phyllis James, Chief Diversity Officer for MGM Resorts.

Phyllis Shares..

Phyllis shares some inside knowledge of how a Multi-Billion dollar company operates. Plus, what goes on internally when corporations are contacted by business owners.  We take a deep dive into how MGM Resorts screens potential businesses and business owners before MGM partners with you.

I hope you enjoy their time together in the No Glass Ceiling Interview Series.

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