Cliff Pelloni – Spotlight Interview

Spotlight Interview with Cliff Pelloni – How To Go From Idea to Author in 30 Days

Being a published book author creates powerful authority and influence in any market.   Cliff shares what it takes to get your passion and message out of your head and heart then into a book – that’s fast, easy and fun.  

Kelly Fidel sits down with Cliff Pelloni, CEO, eFluential Publishing, Inc. and is the creator of the program Idea to Author and master creator of Kitchen Dads.

In this week’s video, I’m going to share with you the amazing insights from my incredible client Cliff.  He shares the fastest ways to get your idea out of your head and into paper that creates fast success.  

You can also meet Cliff in person – He is a sponsor at No Glass Ceiling LIVE this September.

Cliff Shares..

Cliff shares How to Get Your Book From Your Head to Your Hand and some other secret details…

=> Avoid the biggest traps, pitfalls and challenges when writing a book and go from IDEA to AUTHOR with ease even if you HAVE NO TIME, HATE WRITING and LACK CLARITY

=> How to overcome time confusions and ensure you write the “RIGHT” book

=> Don’t let the “tech” part of publishing stand between you and your book.  Learn what the 7 Second Cover Test is and how you can beat it every time.

=> The #1 Reason people don’t finish their book –  and keeps people from sharing their message and bringing their book to the world.  It’s easy to overcome it if you know how.

Learn more about Cliff’s program at:

I hope you enjoy their time together in the No Glass Ceiling Interview Series.

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You discover how to break through barriers, build a fearless business empire and much more!

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