Global Leadership Conference for Women {and Cool Men}

Discover How You Can SHATTER Your Glass Ceiling and Add 6+ FIGURES (or more) To Your Business In One Phenomenal Weekend!

“I landed 4 clients in 6 weeks before attending Kelly’s event just from the Pre-Event Training; incredible … it works and I got RESULTS In Advance!” — Victor Bell, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Registered for VIP – Got a Client in 6 Hours!!  Thank you for guiding me towards my true gifts & passion; acquired a new client less than six hours after our lunch conversation” — Mary Kraemer


No Glass Ceiling_Kelly Fidel

At No Glass Ceiling™, It’s YOUR Time To Get Breakthrough Results NOW!

If you ONLY had the Right plan with a proven business model that works.  Are you ready for a life with a wildly profitable business WITHOUT making you a 24/7 workhorse? It’s YOUR Time to Call Your Own Shots – On Your Terms – Make a Difference AND be rewarded with a 6-figure or 7-figure income!  At NO GLASS CEILING™ you’ll walk away with REAL Strategies, REAL Results and MEMORABLE Connections.  We will flip flop how you think, do business and live life!

Kelly Fidel Speaker

Implement What Works Now and achieve BIG Change Before You Leave the CONFERENCE

At NO GLASS CEILING™ your experience is customized, actionable and No Fluff – No BS!  Create your first (or multi) 6-7 Figure plan during the event. Carefully carved breakout sessions are a No Pitch Zone designed “short, sweet & to the point”.  Be armed with your scripts, templates and “Ideal Client Arsenal” stacking the deck in your favor for the “Yes”!

Land Amazing Lucrative Clients Now

Ready to FIRE broke, whiney clients and get clients that pay you in advance? You’re at the RIGHT Place.  At NO GLASS CEILING™ you’ll walk away knowing the EXACT simple steps to land 6-figure deals faster than ever (even if you’ve never sold before or hate selling).  Of course you can take longer if you want to :) Kelly’s bringing her arsenal of top clients, decision makers, pro athletes and powerful Centers of Influence who purchase from small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Truth: Big Clients Close FAST! We’ll show you EXACTLY how it’s done! 


Power Network with the Collective Like Minded Attendees & Speakers!

Be empowered – experience inspired change in you and those around you.  During NO GLASS CEILING™ you’ll engage in the most unique, strategic ways to power-network like never before – Guaranteed.  Introducing, the “Ultimate Connection”TM  a powerful NEW way to be connectively “matched” with the right attendees in a memorable, meaningful, strategic way. Imagine connecting with similar goal oriented, like-minded people, powerhouse thought leaders, speakers and panel experts personally whom you can do business with and stay in touch with afterwards, with ease.

No Glass Ceiling_Kelly Fidel

*It’s Time To Shatter the Glass Ceiling and Launch the MOST Powerful Person in the World Today … YOU!



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Attend the first full day and be COMPLETELY satisfied or get your money back!

We’re 100% confident that you’ll be absolutely happy with No Glass Ceiling™ Women’s Conference. We also know you will have a life-transforming experience in many areas of your life.  Take in the entire experience. Enjoy every moment. Attend all sessions. Take notes. Network with other attendees. And if by the end of the first day of NO GLASS CEILING™ Women’s Conference you feel it isn’t delivering on what we promised, you can turn in your materials, exit the event, and we will refund your entire registration fee within 30 days. No questions asked. Your commitment is important to the success of this event and there are no refunds for non-participation.